Moulin Boudoire

Olive crop year

We've been making crafted oil from a mill stone for 5 generations !

The olives are picked between mid October and mid December. Olive producers can bring their harvest to the mill where we crush them.
After picking, you have three days to bring them to the mill.

For large vehicules you can make an appointment and deliver the olives to our warehouse just outside the village.
The olives must be in a good state and without leaves. We weigh them outside the mill and give you a ticket so that you can collect your oil 15 days later or immediately after the 1st November.

The oil producers pay a sum which corresponds to the work involved : making your oil and packaging the product in large plastic containers or bottles
Over and above150 kilos you can have your own oil.

At this time of year, the mill is open every day except on Sundays.
Sometimes you may have to queue but it is worth waiting. What pleasure you feel when you taste your own oil staight from the press ! Exceptional taste !

No need to remind you that owning olive trees, being an oil producer is a whole year’s work : pruning, fighting against disease, watering etc etc.

So good job everyone !