Moulin Boudoire

Our oil

Several categories of olive oil are available at the Moulin du Vieux Château.

Le Fruité Mûr
(picked late in the season)

Fruity ripe oil from olives picked late in the season. These olives are very ripe and are crushed with the mill stone. Aromas of almond, red and yellow fruit, floral aromas, of lime and red fruit are characteristic of this oil… It is less intense and bitter than fruity green olive oil and has a wide variety of aromas. It is compatable with all types of dish, sweet or savoury, raw or cooked.

Fruity green
(from an early harvest, with fresh green olives)
Crushing is carried out as quickly as possible to retain the maximum of nutrative qualities. This explains why it is called ‘extra virgin’. The oil is extracted by means of a cold mechanical process with no chemicals or heat in order to maintain the quality.This fruity green oil can be a little bitter and when swallowed a slight peppery taste. It is rich in vitamins, polyphenols and stenols and thus antioxydent and good for your health.

Fruity green olive oil is excellent for your salads, cooked food, raw meats, all dishes that you associate with summer.

A taste from the past
(olives that have been stored and which have fermented)
Ripe olive oil comes from a late harvest. The olives are not crushed immediately but stored in crates (palox) for a few days.
The temperature is carefully controlled. Because of this fermentation black fruity olive oil is not an « extra virgin » oil but just ‘virgin’.
This technique was used in the past when the olives were stored in attics, their fermentation making it easier for them to be crushed with the mill stone.
This technique requires a lot of skill. You can use this oil on hot dishes like mashed potatoes, mashed parsnips, on goats’ cheeses or on croutons for an apéritif, on bread, on meat, on fish, on roast lobster.
Some chefs even use it with chocolate !

Bio oil
(olive oil from organic farms certified by ECOCERT)
These olives are harvested in the middle of the season once ripe. and crushed with the mill stone. and have aromas of almonds, grasses and green olives.
These oils are certified organic. They are not very bitter or strong and are suitable for all types of dish.

'Extra virgin' olive oil

This oil is pure fruit juice extracted directly from the olives using a mechanical or physical process in temperatures that do not alter the quality of the product.

It is top grade olive oil with very little acidity, less than 0,8 g for 100g and complies with current standards. Provencal olive oils offer a wide variety of tastes according to the types of fruitiness, and the levels of bitterness and strength. All this depends on the type of olives, their ripeness and of course the know how of the miller.

We use 80% Aglandau and 20% Salonenque, all picked by hand in November and December exclusively in the groves of the Luberon, the Alpes de Haute Provence and the Alpilles. It is this geography that gives our oil its specificity and distinction.

Several categories of olive oil :

  • Virgin Olive Oil ‘Extra Tradition’
  • Olive Oil ‘Extra AOP Provence’
  • Virgin olive oil using ripe olives
  • Olive oil ‘extra’ made from olives which have been certified organic by ECOCERT


Cold or cooked you cannot do without it in today’s cooking. Its fruity taste goes well with garlic, basil and Provençal herbs
It will express all its strength and aromas in your salads as well as in raw or cooked dishes.

Don’t hesitate to use it in soups, rice, pulses, eggs, roast meats etc. Whatever your type of cooking, simple or refined, health conscious or gastronomic, it has its place.
It will add an individual note to your cooking.

Oil and beauty

Olive oil in all its forms is excellent for your health as has been shown in the Cretan diet.

It is good for your heart and your arteries thanks to its high level of mono unsaturated fatty acids which increases « good » cholestorol.
It is good for your digestion and your bowels. It helps growth and bone density. It is rich in vitamin E wich helps brain development and helps fight against the ageing of the body.

It is a real beauty product, good for your skin, your hair, your nails and teeth.

How to keep it

Olive oil keeps better than other oils. In order to preserve its characteristics and its colour, it needs to be kept from the light and heat (ideally between 15 and 25°) and from the oxygen in the air.


General Agricultural Contests
  • 2005 Silver Medal
  • 2006 silver Medal
  • 2007 Bronze Medal
  • 2009 silver Medal
  • 2010 Silver Medal
  • 2011 Gold Medal
    Silver Medal (2)
  • 2023 Bronze Medal
Regional Contests Provence, Alpes ,Côte d'Azur
  • 2005 Silver Medal
  • 2006 Bronze Medal
  • 2007 Bronze Medal
  • 2008 Gold Medal
  • 2009 Bronze Medal
  • 2010 Bronze Medal (2)
  • 2011 Gold Medal (2)
    Silver Medal
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