Moulin Boudoire

Moulin Boudoire

We've been making crafted oil from a mill stone for 5 generations !

A little history

Built at the end of the 16th century, in the heart of the village, the Moulin du Vieux Chateau is the symbol of the rebirth of Merindol after the persecutions and the massacre of the Vaudois in 1545. The Mill belonged to the Lord of the village. The local farmers had to bring their harvest and leave 1/6th of their production as a tax. For 4 centuries oil production has continued beneath its vaults witness to history and hard labour.
Today at the Boudoire Mill, this knowledge and the culture of taste carries on.

Our oils

Several categories of olive oil are available at the Moulin du Vieux Château :

  • Virgin Olive Oil ‘Extra tradition’
  • Olive Oil ‘Extra AOP Provence’
  • Virgin Olive Oil using ripe olives
  • Olive Oil ‘Extra’ made from olives which have been certified organic by ECOCERT

How the oil is made

In the 17th century, the equipment used was quite developped for its time. The olives were crushed using an upright millstone pulled by animals (donkeys, oxen, horses). This is the « blood mill » which was to last for 3 more centuries in France.

The paste obtained was put in special baskets made from natural fibres called « scourtins ». This paste was obtained by using a wooden screw press and the force of 2 or 3 strong men The juice obtained contained the oil and the vegetable water from the olives.

How to order ?

You can order on line with Colissimo

You can order :

Please indicate the type of oil you want, your name and first name, your address and your phone number.

Once we have received this information your order will be prepared.

For your first order we will wait for your payment :

  • by cheque made out to SARL BOUDOIRE FRERES
  • or by direct debit :
    • N°IBAN : FR76 1130 6000 8494 7202 7405 059
    • N° BIC : AGRIFRPP813

Then we will send you your parcel !

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